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All Angles Orchestra at the Lone Tree Arts Center.

All Angles爵士交響大樂團榮獲美國爵士權威雜誌Downbeat評選的2018全美最佳學生爵士大樂團。該樂團的原創專輯《New Angles》於2017年發售。這是以古典交響配器加上爵士樂節奏組所組成的原創樂團,向2004年由Brecker兄弟領銜的Wide Angles格萊美獲獎專輯樂隊致敬。《New Angles》專輯請到當年專輯里的小號大師,格萊美提名Alex Sipiagin參與錄制,並有幸在2018美國北科羅拉多大學爵士節與當年的創作者,格萊美獲獎小號大師Randy Brecker同台演出。王敬宣擔任這個樂團的第一小提琴手,於2017年與該樂團在美國巡回演出。

All Angles Orchestra in the studio with jazz artist Alex Sipiagin.

As you could probably see on All Angles Orchestra's page that the jazz people known me as Sherry Wang. I am beyond honored to have been invited to be one of the members playing some Jazz and contemporary tunes with the group.  The All Angles Orchestra was chosen the winner of the Arts Innovation Award hosted by the University of Northern Colorado. Our first CD album was recorded in March 2017, and we had a CD release tour in Midwest United States in the summer of 2017. The album "New Angle" can be found on iTunes at:​

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專輯主打曲 "KaBlooz!":

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